Art House today

Isn’t it funny how little you see great art in modern films these days? Think of all the times you’ve watched a movie about WWII or back in the earlier parts of the 20th Century. There was a major influence of art in these films, I loved watching them (and so did others at Mr Whistlers Art) because I would almost certainly be learning something about our history if I did.

The only way to learn this, is of course to watch them. But what about modern films, do they show much art? I’m talking about all types of art, other then the film itself, which of course could be considered Art on it’s own.

A Clockwork Orange was a great art house movie

Paintings, scupltures you name it. Modern day art house films, are one great example of the trend being bucked. Art house films are notorious for providing very visual art pieces. Films such as the following are on my top lists:

Toyko Story

Days of Heaven

Mulholland Drive


Citizen Kane

Fanny and Alexander

A Clockwork Orange

All are favorites of mine, particularly so was A clockwork Orange, which both frightened me, and also amazed and intrigued me. In some ways other types of mediums present brilliant art, like the critically acclaimed new series True Detective, with Matthew Mcconaughey. You can generally watch True Detective online free, but not always, if the free guys aren’t hanging around with links, then you probably gotta pay. It’s also certainly frowned upon.

Getting your fix of Art House films and television, can be difficult at first, but the more you delve in to the depths of the internet, the more you will probably find available. I would recommend trying out the above movies and shows, before moving on to the more obscure ones out there. Be good and stay tuned for more…


Bruno Mars full tour schedule for 2014

Can’t get enough of Bruno Mars’ vocal prowess?  Bruno Mars just started to rock the stage as he sets off with his Moonshine Jungle Tour to feed his hungry fans with a bunch of soulful music.

After the renowned hit performance on the Super Bowl Halftime Show alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bruno can’t help but keep on airing out his unfathomable love for music as he jumps from one concert tour to another.

The Just the Way You Are hitmaker has set forth the second leg of his Moonshine Jungle Tour last February 28 of this year. This concert tour was formulated in support of his second studio album entitled, Unorthodox Jukebox.

The first leg of the tour was a huge success which has grossed over $40million on his first 42 shows as early as September 2013. It amounted to more than a million fans and continued to grow as he progresses from one concert venue to another.  The tour started on June 22 of last year and is set to end on the later months of 2014. The 2013 tour ranked as the one of the most witnessed concerts of the year. So who wouldn’t want a second part of this sought after music venture?

Bruno is still touring heavily in 2014

The early days of March are dedicated to regions in Australia and New Zealand as he sing his songs in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland. His next stop is circled around Asia particularly in Thailand, Philippines, China, Taiwan, North Korea, and Japan. He then forwards to the rest of US, UK, and Canada until early August. He concludes his tour around Curaco and Mexico on the first week of September. The Moonshine Jungle tour ends on September 6.

A long year is heading its way to Bruno’s busy to-do lists, something that all fans are definitely looking forward to. Find a full list of tour dates at


A night with Lady Gaga at the 2014 SXSW Music Festival

The seemingly unending prowess of Lady Gaga’s exhilarating performance wowed the crowd on the 2014 SXSW Music Festival. Her eye-popping 60-minute feat came on with a signature of blonde dreads and a pig roast look while she sang “Aura;” a part of her newest album, Artpop. Her music was given life at Stubb’s, the temporary post for the Doritos’ Bold Stage before moving to 5th St. and Red River Friday and Saturday. Her face was flooded with delight as she celebrates her moment on the said festival.

Lady Gaga at SXSW

The event set forth through a segment where she wore an outfit made of coffee filters. She then rocked the stage by surprise with her black bikini, materializing her utmost goal to deliver her keynote speech on Friday. It turned out to be a moment of self-reflection where more of her thoughts were strewn to the audience, fashionably tailored to inspire and instill a sense of realization to the people witnessing. The speech was fortified through her equally reflective performance of the song, “Dope.” Lady Gaga expressed her feelings by demonstrating to people how important it is to stay true to oneself than being pretentious in practically all the things that you do.

Lady Gaga was honest to admit that she did not prepare for the speech at all. Instead, she opted to deliver the keynote address spontaneously, bearing the message of loving live music wholeheartedly. After all, the heart of the festival is the art of seeing all those little bands on small stages. Her presence on the stage was something to live for in the moment where she briefly asked the crowd to forget about their gadgets for a few seconds. She appreciates the idea on how people feel the fire of music with all sincerity, and in that sense, it was more than enough to keep it burning alive.